“I came to Synergy as a senior citizen with double knee replacements, spinal stenosis causing pain in my back and weight creeping higher. I knew that if I couldn’t exercise safely, I would soon lose what was left of my function. With patience and expert skill, Dr. Birgit not only smoothed out the painful knots but also works me through movements that strengthen and flex my unused muscles. PT has never been as effective or as pleasurable before. I have experience remarkable improvement with new friends who are helping me become the strong woman I now know is still possible. I enthusiastically recommend Synergy Fitness for Her. “

Carolyn S.

” Explained my issue and Birgit got it! After several treatments, I could use my hand and forearm with less pain. After on a few more treatments, I was pain free and continue to be pain free.”

Elizabeth A. 

” I was experiencing pain in my right side/back. The problem was solved by stretching and massaging the targeted area. Dr. Reher was genuine and caring, and I would recommend her to others. I’ve always been interested in PT, his session made me consider changing my major and asking more questions about PT. “

Kyle H.













Sheri Bachmeier- member since 2015*

When I first came to Synergy Fitness for Her at the beginning of the year I was moderately obese and had high cholesterol. My doctor wanted to start me on medication and I was not looking forward to that. I also wasn’t able to go to sleep at night without taking a prescribed sleeping pill each night. I would have considered myself depressed and a couch potato. I decided that I needed a change and that is when I found the women of Synergy Fitness for Her!!!

Kat gives me fantastic nutrition advice and my eating habits have changed. I have the will power to resist unhealthy foods and crave meat and veggies. High protein, low carb all the way! I still get my five chocolate kisses everyday as well! Michele is the best motivator I have ever met! Not only in my training but life in general. She pushes me hard every time and encourages me. I look forward to reaching my goals with these women by my side the whole way.

My peers who also come to Synergy Fitness for Her have become family. We support each other and encourage each other every single moment we are together.

In the time I have been with these wonderful women I have lost 5% body fat and my cholesterol numbers have gone back to within the normal range. I have not had to take a sleeping pill in months and feel fantastic.



Alicia McNeil- member since 2015*

When I first joined Synergy Fitness for Her, I had already lost close to 40 pounds over roughly a year. My goal was to lose another 10 pounds or so. Although I had restricted my diet to a point that probably wasn’t safe and certainly wasn’t satisfying, I had hit a wall and couldn’t lose more weight. I knew I needed to make a drastic change and that it would likely need to involve more physical activity. I was certain I’d need a lot of support since it had been more than 20 years since I had done any physical activity of note.

I’m so glad I found this gym after a quick google search! After my initial consultation, I learned so much about proper diet for weight loss and building muscle. I also learned to focus less on losing weight and more on gaining muscle and being healthier. I had no idea, that after only 4 months of working with the trainers, I would see significant changes. I’ve lost nearly 13 pounds, 9 of which were fat pounds and I have substantially more muscle tone. I’m also beginning to like exercising.

What’s really cool is that the trainers are good at teaching. I appreciate how they take time to explain how certain exercises will improve my quality of life when I’m an old lady as well as how to exercise safely while still getting maximum results. I keep a regular schedule, so I typically work with the same trainer each time. That doesn’t keep the other trainers from noticing and acknowledging my improvement. I get regular text messages and high-fives from other trainers in celebration of my latest successes.

A couple of years ago, I made a promise to my daughter that I’d do my part to be around for big moments in her life. I can honestly say the ladies at Synergy Fitness for Her are helping me keep that promise.


*Result may vary per individual