Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

We offer hour-long small group personal training sessions that consist of Functional Fitness Exercises. All sessions begin with 30 minutes of HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) cardio, followed by 25 minutes of functional fitness exercises. Functional fitness exercises use multiple muscles to enhance strength, balance, flexibility, speed and coordination. They are also very effective at burning calories because you are using more muscle groups! Sessions are limited to a capacity of 5 to ensure trainers can modify and adapt workouts to provide a customized, challenging, and safe workout for each participant.
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North Carolina Yoga Classes


Yoga is offered every Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 4:00pm. This Hatha class for people of varying levels of fitness, flexibility, and experience. Each class will begin with a few moments of quiet breathing as we release the stress of the day. From there, we will vary the practice according to student needs, but we’ll aim for a balanced flow of poses that build strength and flexibility; warm the body and cool the mind; generate energy and relax the body. We will end every class with several minutes of peaceful rest. You will leave feeling soothed and rejuvenated! Students are encouraged to be mindful of their own needs, practicing non-harming (aka no pain!) in every pose. No experience necessary. Mats provided, but please bring your own if you have one.


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Physical Therapy

We provide a wide variety of services including evaluation and treatment of movement dysfunction, muscle and joint problems, postural dysfunction and balance problems. Common issues treated include sprains and strains, tendinitis, low back pain, neck pain, mid-back pain, problems in the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee area, foot and ankle problems, headaches, pre and post-operative therapy, arthritic conditions, problems related to repetitive strain or accidents.

Physical Therapy is available to both men and women.

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Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional counseling is a type of assessment made which analyzes various health needs in regard to diet and exercise. Our nutritional counselor helps people to set achievable health goals and teaches various ways of maintaining these goals throughout their lifetime.

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Without proper nutrition, one does not have enough energy to make it through the day. Also, health declines without proper nutrition, making one more susceptible to illness and disease. Nutritional counseling is sometimes offered at eating disorder treatment clinics for patients in need of anorexia treatment, bulimia help or binge eating assistance.

Such an assessment is beneficial to a wide variety of people and can help those with numerous disorders. During this assessment, the counselor provides information based on a person’s current status, helping to improve overall health.


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Corrective Exercise Training

This is the class for you if you are not quite ready for small group personal training or have an area of concern that needs to be addressed specifically to get you back on track. The class is a one on one 30 minute session with a physical therapist that specifically addresses mobility issues, imbalances and concerns identified in your FMS (Functional Movement Screen).

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