To review our class schedule, purchase classes or coaching & physical therapy appointments, and to review your schedule click the Schedule Now button below.

New clients follow these instructions to set up an account:

  1. Once on the scheduling site you will see “New to our site?” Enter your first and last name and click “Next”.
  2. Fill in the required information and click “Create Account”.
  3. Click “OK” when the system tells you that your account has been created.
  4. Once you have created your account, please click on “MY INFO” located in the top right hand corner of the screen (third tab). Please make sure that your address, phone number, email and birthday are correctly filled out. To make changes click on the small “Edit” button at the to of the Personal information box.  Once you have completed making changes to your personal information, click “Save”.
  5. You are now finished. Now you can pay, sign up, and cancel yourself from classes online! Once you have bought a class or class package you can find the class you would like to take, click on the “Classes” tab and follow the instructions. If you would rather not pay online, we are happy to take your payment information over the phone. Just call (919.402.0888).
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