Physical Therapy

Are you suffering from pain in your neck, back, shoulder, hip or knee? Do you have decreased mobility, flexibility or balance? Do you find you have decreased energy or endurance, difficulty participating with your favorite activities? Are you dealing with the lingering after- effects of accidents or injuries?
If you are dealing with any of these concerns, consider physical therapy. We use therapeutic techniques including manual therapy, exercise, education and other modalities to improve your quality of life and get you back to doing the things you like to do.

We offer one-on-one physical therapy sessions with an experienced therapist.Services are available to both men and women.

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Treatment may include:

  • manual therapy such as myofascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilizations, targeted massage, trigger point dry needling and others
  • corrective therapeutic exercise and therapeutic activities
  • education regarding your condition, treatment options and prognosis
  • education regarding activity modifications, ergonomics, body mechanics
  • modalities to control and resolve pain

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$110 – Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment
$75 – Myofascial Work (45 minute sessions)

$40 – Corrective Exercise Training Session
$210 – Package of 6 Corrective Exercise Training Sessions
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