Studio News

Studio News

September marks month 2 and the final 4 weeks for our Color Run team training. We will test our progress on Saturday, October 3rd at 9:00am! To join the Synergy Fitness for Her Color Run team, click the link below to register, and begin interval training with the team to prepare for your run/walk. Intervals are posted on the cardio announcement board.


Upcoming Events


Due to popular demand, an additional yoga class with instructor Eleanor Cole Levinson has been added! We now offer yoga every Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 1:00pm. All levels welcome.


Happy Birthday Sue F.


Studio News


We are excited to announce the addition of balance training classes!

Balance Training can:

  • Improve neuromuscular coordination-brain to muscle connection
  • Encourages muscle isolation-or use of a specific muscle instead of larger muscles taking over
  • Burns calories
  • Improves hip stabilization
  • Increases core strength

Resident Physical Therapist will be leading groups through fun and challenging balance training exercises. All levels welcome. Sign up below or using Mindbody.

Balance Training Sign Up

Group Nutrition Meetings
Every Tuesday at 8:00am, Friday at 12:00pm, and Wednesday at 6:00pm this month.